Fight complex, fast-paced, and thrilling battles with or against monsters and players.


Enhance your arsenal with equipments, battle shop and card upgrades!

Upcoming Demo

Available soon on Steam

The Hunt Begins

The great "Star Fall"; the moment when thousands of stars appeared and descended upon the skies of the expanse. Yet another puzzle piece that birthed more questions than answers about the dark mysteries thriving on Somnarium. Emerging from these collapsing stars are dwellers from another world cursed with failing memories about who they are and whence they came. And as they rise and walk the planes foreign to them, it would become apparent that these visitors are blessed with the spark of aura more refined than most of the natives; making them dangerous vessels roaming free into a new world. And while Avalon and its three branches of authority are busy politicizing their fate; an infamous syndicate has already began the hunt.


Ven’rif is the successor to our first project “Tales from the Game Master”. At its core, it is still a card game just like the old one but we made major changes in the gameplay to make it more interesting and easier to get into. Apart from the gameplay changes, the theme now holds a lighter mood. After all, this game should be fun.

Latest Updates

Hello friends! It has been a while since we last updated our platform but in return, we added a lot of content for you to enjoy as well as improvements! New monsters, new spell cards, new environments, a new card look, and a new user interface!

About the upcoming playable demo, though it will certainly take longer to deliver the envisioned prototype due to additional loads of work; we are only taking our time to make sure that your Ven’rif experience will be a pleasant one.